Toddler Care Spet and Spat is located in an outbuilding of the Walloon church (entrance to Tafelstraat).

It is a beautiful location on the edge of the city center of Maastricht where you can feel the history of the city, as it were.

The toddler shelter has a spacious living room and a closed outdoor playground. In the immediate vicinity are beautiful parks that are also nice to visit.


1. Auto

Childcare Spet and Spat is located on the edge of the city center. As a result, parking in front of the door is unfortunately very difficult. The advice is therefore to come as much as possible by bike or on foot.

2. Bike

Safe cycling routes

If you are coming from Villapark / St. Pieter, it is best to come via the first part of the St. Pieterstraat and then to the left into Kleine Looiersstraat and then to the right into Tafelstraat.
If you are coming from the Vrijthof you drive towards the St. Jacobsstraat which turns into the Kapoenstraat. You will arrive at Achter de Molens. You continue to follow that street until the Tafelstraat on the left, and you enter it.
If you are coming from the O.L V. Plein you enter the Cortenstraat. At the end cross the road and then enter the Witmakerstraat. Then you come to Achter de Molens where you turn left into Tafelstraat.

3. Bus

For those coming from the direction of the Villapark / St Pieter can also come by bus, this stop opposite the Walloon church.

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Peuteropvang Spet & Spat
Sint Pieterstraat 6
6211 JN, Maastricht
(ingang in de Tafelstraat)
Telefoon : 06 83272702
E-mail : info@spetenspat.nl

Toddler care Spet en Spat closed three weeks in the summer holiday

  • "Spet en Spat" is a special childcare
  • Our daughter started as a peuter in an other centrum.